Tracks: 1. There's a Meetin' Here Tonight, 2. Operator, 3. Gospel Medley (Saturday Evening Post), 4. All Rise, 5. Stand Up, Stand Up For Jesus (Sterling) 6.  Battle Hymn of the Republic, 7. Let There Be Peace On Earth, 8.  He's Got the Whole World in His Hands (Hot Pursuit), 9.  Swing Down Chariot, 10. When There's Love at Home (Vanguard), 11. Ain't a That Good News, 12. Sweet Hour of Prayer (The Forum), 13. I Woke Up This Mornin' Feelin' Fine, 14.  The Lord's Prayer, 15. God Bless the USA, 16. Auld Lang Syne, 17. Armed Forces Medley, 18. Mississippi Squirrel Revival (Arcade), 19.  Yes Sir, That's My Baby, 20. I'll Be Seeing You