Chapter Presidents and Barbershoppesr of the Year

The Chapter President is elected each year prior to November first for the following year.  The Barbershopper of the Year is selected at the end of each year and is recognized at the Annual Awards and Installation Banquet. The Barbershopper of the Year is the most prestigious Chapter Award.

Chapter Presidents and Barbershoppers of the Year

Year President Barbershopper of the Year
1994 Sam Tweedy Eddie Martinez
1995 Sam Tweedy Mike Cain
1996 Sam Tweedy Bob White
1997 Andy Weaver Glenn Nellist
1998 Jan Scofield Matthew Olguin
1999 Mike Cain Craig Timmerman
2000 Sam Tweedy Sam Tweedy
2001 Dennis Moore Charley Shepherd/Jack Stevens
2002 Chuck Walts Todd Reavis
2003 Hank Hammer Hank Hammer
2004 Bill Hogan Ron Black
2005 Mike Wood Lew Sitterly
2006 Lew Law Tommie Young
2007 Lew Sitterly Joel Bourgeois/Andy Weaver
2008 Don Inbody Brent Dunavant
2009 Tom Burson Jan Scofield
2010 Bill Hogan Bill Hogan/Todd Reavis*
2011 Bill Hogan Grant Goulding
2012 Todd Reavis Hank Hammer*
2013 John Towry Brett Abbott/Larry Clemons
2014 Nathan Barry Paul Reavis
2015 Paul Reavis Sam Tweedy*
2016 Paul Reavis Paul Reavis*
2017 Paul Reavis Claude Duplissey
2018 Sam Tweedy Lew Sitterly
2019 Sam Tweedy Lew Law
2020 SamTweedy ???

                                                                   *= Repeat Barbershopper of the Year